Security and Governance Firewall for Generative AI

Responsible AI with Risk Management and

Data Privacy 

AI Firewall 

Set rules ensuring security and responsible AI usage, enforcing company policies. 

Private AI

On-prem/secure AI Chatbot connected to all company data without any data exposure. 

Ensure responsible and Secure AI

Our Solutions​

BusinessGPT is a solution addressing security and governance requirements for using or deploying Generative AI.
The core offering includes a unique real-time Firewall that mitigates AI risks by controlling AI usage, such as ChatGPT/Copilot and local AI services.
BusinessGPT also provides a complete end-to-end Private/ On-prem AI solution for highly regulated companies, ensuring zero data exposure.
The solution allows users to securely ask questions and responsibly use insights from all company data.
Generative AI