AI Sentiment Analysis

Unveiling insights beyond words

AI Sentiment Analysis Benefits

Improve employee experience and boost productivity

Companies can understand how their employees feel by analyzing the messages and conversations of their employees which in turn helps cut off the employee turnover rate and increase the organization’s productivity.                                                                    

Spreading positive behavior to other parts of the company

By viewing employee reports of most negative/positive communication Sphereshield’s AI Sentiment Analysis data helps businesses promote positive behavior in the workplace by comparing employees’ performances and encouraging everyone to improve.

Improve customer satisfaction

Understanding the customers’ emotions can empower your employees with the knowledge that can help them better serve the customers. The customer-facing team can therefore offer proactive solutions to increase customer satisfaction.

Improve the remote working experience

Giving visibility to employee communication with others while working remotely, will help employees stay connected to their team and improve their collaboration with others.                                           

Manage the negative behavior of employees

Businesses need to make sure that every employee who is communicating directly with customers is giving an excellent service level. Sphereshield’s AI Sentiment Analysis engine can help businesses identify negative behavior and detect meetings that need some attention due to a large amount of negativity.