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AGAT Software

AGAT Software AI is redefining how businesses interact with data through BusinessGPT. This cutting-edge AI solution provides ChatGPT-like comprehensive insights from company-wide data without compromising privacy and security. 


AGAT Software AI is a spin-off from the well-established AGAT Software development. AGAT Software Development has a decade-long track record of providing real-time compliance and security for Fortune 500 companies in over 20 countries. AGAT Software AI leverages its parent company’s technological expertise, infrastructure, and client base. 



BusinessGPT is an AI solution that provides ChatGPT-like capabilities from all company data without compromising privacy and security by not using public AI services such as ChatGPT. 


BusinessGPT has access to the most important data sources, including emails, meeting transcripts, chats, documents, web sites. CRM and Tasks systems. 


Designed for the enterprise, every user will get insights only based on data he has access to. 


BusinessGPT offers precise and consolidated real-time information for boosting decision-making and performing tasks by answering questions and generating insights. 


BusinessGPT can serve both employees and customers. 

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