AI Firewall

Mitigating AI risks with visibility
and control of AI usage

AI Firewall for Governance


Maintain compliance with regulations such as the EU AI Act NIST AI RMF

AI Monitoring

Auditing, mapping, and measuring your AI usage. 

Advanced Risk Rules

Use natural language to set rules defining AI usage in your company. 

Business safeguarding

Protect against negative business outcomes due to using AI. 

Data taxonomy

Identify Usage -What is the activity (what is the actor doing/action performed ) and Topics -what the activity is about. 

AI Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with misuse and hallucinations of AI. 

AI Governance policies

Enforce usage policies per group/user to ensure responsible AI usage. 

Shadow AI

Understand what your users are using AI for.  

security firewall

AI Firewall for security