AGI Business GPT-chatbot

Unleash your company data with AI-driven insights.

BusinessGPT Chatbot is a secure solution to gives your business the capabilities of ChatGPT against your own business data without the risks of exposing sensitive information to public AI services. 


Secure Deployment

  • Can be deploy as a cloud service, providing ease of use and scalability or on-premises for companies that require strict security and compliance policies.
  • Ensuring that sensitive data remains within the company’s infrastructure.

Snyc and Control Data Permission

  • Answers provided to users are strictly based on their existing synchronized access permissions in the source systems (CRM, Document Management, etc…)  

  • Generate answers for every user only based on data he has access to 

Interact with all company data

  • Extracts and digest information from your company data, including emails, chats, meetings, CRM, websites, social media, and knowledge bases. 
AGI Business GPT Pro-4