Secure private/on-prem end-to-end AI solution

Generate insights from your company data with zero data exposure using a local Chatbot


Secure and Private Deployment

Can be deployed as a private cloud service, providing ease of use and scalability, or on-premises for companies that require strict security and compliance policies.
Ensuring that sensitive data remains within the company’s infrastructure.

Snyc and Control Data Permission

Answers provided to users are strictly based on their existing synchronized access permissions in the source systems (CRM, Document Management, etc…)
Generate answers for every user only based on data he has access to

Grounding by interacting with all company data

Extracts and digests information from your company data, including emails, chats, meetings, CRM, websites, social media, and knowledge bases.
Connect to most main company data sources – files, sites, emails, meetings, chats.

Instant answers to business questions

Get real-time, contextual and accurate answers to your business questions based on your data.
Ensuring that sensitive data remains within the company’s infrastructure.


Address LLM threats such as LLM01 Prompt injection, LLM02 insecure Output Handling, LLM06: Sensitive Information Disclosure

Data sensitivity

Identify and manage sensitive data such as PII, HIPPA, Finance

Empower Employees with Conversational
AI-Powered Information Access

Key Features Employees

  • A centralized data consolidation solution for employees 
  • Offers a chatGPT-like interface for employees to ask questions 
  • Provides answers based on company data from various sources